What Is An Adjuster Meeting?

By ZCI General Contracting
October 8, 2020
Photo of a nice home with off-white siding, and a dark colored roof.

What is an adjuster meeting? Do you know?

The claims process starts when you have a loss such as hail or wind damage to your roof. You as the homeowner file a claim online or call your insurance company. You get a claim number and an adjuster assigned to your case. Then the adjuster meeting happens.

The adjuster meeting is when the adjuster comes out to your property to inspect and document the damage. Sometimes a 3rd party company will come out to do the adjuster meeting and then send their findings to the insurance company. At the end of the meeting, the adjuster writes up an estimate for the cost to repair the damages done to your property. Then they will write a check for the actual cash value of the damaged property. This is how the adjuster meeting should go.

However, the process can become jumbled and confusing as more adjusters and managers get involved. This highlights the importance of having a professional contractor there to ensure everything gets inspected and documented. 50% of the time, the adjuster will be honest, looking for all the damages, and have the intent to put you back into pre-storm condition. The other 50% of the time, the adjuster is there to ignore damages, make excuses, and ask tough questions to corner you. Then they will deny and delay your claims. This is when it is so important for a professional contractor to be there to back you up. Even with honest adjusters, they may miss something or ask you a question you don’t know the answer to.

This is where ZCI Residential can be a huge help. We are certified and have the knowledge to interact with the adjusters in a professional manner. We are local, so we know the storm dates and damages and have helped others in the area who suffered during the same storm. We also have the ability to hold the adjusters accountable when they want to ignore damage.

It is in your best interest to have someone local, honest, and experienced on your side during the claims process.