How To Prevent Burst Pipes This Winter

By ZCI General Contracting
December 16, 2019

Ever wonder how to prevent burst pipes in the winter?

Greetings ZCI clients, family!

This time of year is often a whirlwind of events from shopping, tying up loose ends at work, year-end projects, cooking, more shopping, online shopping, maybe shipping, travel plans, and so on.

We will keep it brief so you can get the info without interrupting your busy lives too much.

It’s important you keep a few things in mind when the temperature starts to drop in order to prevent burst pipes. We would HATE for a pipe to freeze, burst, and leave you with a flood situation at any time in the year, but especially when there is so much else going on and you need a well-deserved break from everything.

1) Make sure you know where the water shutoff in your home is located. This can prevent a small water problem from becoming a big water problem.

2) Keep a small heater or hair dryer on hand so you can locate where the pipe froze and thaw it out to get water back on in your home.

3) Increase the temperature in your house by a few degrees on those really cold nights.

4) Leave water running slowly on faucets.

5) Have an IICRC Certified contractor on call JUST IN CASE. That’s us! So we’ve already taken care of 20% of your checklist ??

Have a blessed holiday!

– ZCI Family