How To Identify Wind And Hail Damage

By ZCI General Contracting
April 16, 2020
A photo of a shingle roof with damage from wind and hail.

Do you know how to identify wind and hail damage to your home?

It’s that time of year again when we see lots of wind and hail damage. And recently we’ve been getting calls asking about what wind and hail damage looks like, so here is a quick breakdown for you!

Wind damage can appear in 3 ways:

Blow off shingle where the shingle has torn off from the roof leaving the roof exposed. This can lead to leaks and mold growth in your attic.
Folded shingle where the wind has blown the shingle up to expose the bottom of the shingle.
Creased shingle where the wind has blown the shingle up and down. If there is more wind damage down the road, a creased shingle can become folded or ripped off, leading to roof leaks.
Hail damage is more difficult to see. It results in discoloration and loss of shingle particles in a circular pattern. Over time, due to the exposure of the asphalt matting, UV rays will rapidly deteriorate the shingles and eventually expose the fiberglass netting. This will cause the shingle to break apart.

Your roof is a system that works together to protect your home. Wind and hail damage can cause unseen damage to your home if not caught in time. If you think there is wind or hail damage to your roof, be sure to call a local, honest, and experienced roofing contractor to take a look!