Do Not Repair Your Roof!

By ZCI General Contracting
February 19, 2020

Do not repair your roof! Yep, you read that right.

Now why would a general contractor tell you not to repair your roof? That doesn’t make much sense does it.

Well, we want you to consider something before you repair your roof and potentially cost yourself a lot of money. If your roof is damaged and you patch it with mismatching shingles, we understand that you are just trying to protect your home. However, the insurance company won’t see it that way. The insurance company will think that you are okay with a patchwork fix and not allow you to get matching shingles. They won’t feel responsible to provide you the matching shingles or to replace the whole roof. ZCI Residential has seen this happen to apartment owners, property managers, and homeowners and that is just one reason why you should not repair your own roof.

Let the experts take care of your home. ZCI Residential is Local, Honest, and Experienced.

Local: We know the storm dates, the wind speeds of the storm, and the size of the hail. ZCI is very in tune with these facts because we are here and keep informed. We also have a great understanding of building codes. When we are inspecting the property and checking for storm damage, we will know if there is something out of building code or if there is a concern with new building codes.
Honest: We care far more for the relationship and longevity of the relationship than we do the immediate business. We will not tell you your need repairs when you don’t. We value transparency and will always inform you of what to expect during the job and down the road.
Experienced: Regarding insurance restoration, we have thousands of hours and several decades of experience dealing with insurance claims. At ZCI, we have HAAG certified inspectors, certified water technicians, and Exactimate certifications. We also know how to document damage. We thoroughly document to condition of your roof every time we inspect your property. This helps us deal with the insurance company when a storm hits and jump through all the hoops, so you don’t have to. We also know the property repairs to use so your home insurance will grant you the maximum repairs needed on your roof. Lastly, GAF and Owens Corning have selected us as a preferred contractor.
So choose someone local, honest, and experienced to take care of your roof.


– Your ZCI Team