Customer Review from John Wiedle


ZCI was fantastic when I had a full replacement this past Spring 2021. I worked primarily with Jason Jones, but the other staff were great as well. They did a complete roof replacement, including the deck boards beneath the shingles on our ~1,400 sq ft ranch plus a covered porch.The crew arrived around 7am and had the job completed by about 6pm. It was incredible they could get that much done in one day. I had a couple of neighbors say how amazed they were that the crew had the whole attic exposed and was worried it might rain and then they had the shingles done by the end of the day! They also had the entire perimeter tarped off to catch construction debris to keep them out of the yard and driveway.I shopped around and ZCI had very competitive and affordable prices compared to what I researched. Very pleased with the process from start to finish!